HOW DESTINO COZINHA (“DESTINATION KITCHEN”) FIRST APPEARED – In 2011 Chefs Cris Gonzalez, Claudio Guimarães and Vicente Maia put together a project called “Conoscendo Itália” in the city of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. It consisted of a series of cooking classes focusing on Italian cuisine. Pupils had the opportunity of learning about the culture, the history and the gastronomic traditions of the country as well as preparing typical delicacies. There were several meetings about the subject where Italian flavours were explored through the preparation of classic dishes, matching wines and demonstration of particular Italian culinary techniques.

The “Conoscendo Itália” project was a big success. Wrapped in this enogastronomic atmosphere the three Chefs decided to expand the project allowing a deeper and more realistic immersion into the Italian culinary scenery. In April 2014 they flew to Veneto and contacted local Chefs in order to research and design a new programme, not only interesting for cooks and cooking students but also for anyone who appreciates good food and beverages. After their first trip with a group of 14 passengers in October 2014 a question was raised: why not to extend the project to more countries such as Brazil, Spain, France, Portual and Germany? And then Destino Cozinha was born.

Destino Cozinha’s itineraries include visits to touristic cities, local producers (agritourism), demonstration and pratical classes, tastings and unforgettable meals where lovers of gastronomy will be able to enjoy local culinary and experience typical cookery. The trips may be, depending on the programme, 1 to 10 days long.  There’s no need to be a gastronomy professional to take part and you don’t need to go hands-on if you don’t want to. Most important is to have fun and enjoy good food, tasting new flavours and travelling.

We are also planning for Destino Cozinha: day trips in closeby areas, workshops and tasting events – with wines, beers, cachaças and/or olive oils.